West Hollywood Hummingbirds, December 2014

West Hollywood Hummingbirds, December 2014

Until a few months ago, I had no idea how much hummingbird activity was going on in my West Hollywood neighborhood. The hummingbird in the four-shot sequence below is almost always perched on a branch in front of the building where I live.

I’m beginning to attract a little attention myself. People tend to look at the person with the big camera, and me staring at the trees for long periods of time while shooting many photos is noteworthy to some people on the street.

When I first began stalking the hummingbirds, I was thrilled (and frustrated) at getting one decent photo per day. Now that I’ve learned to think more like a hummingbird and relate to their concerns, I literally have more photos than I know what to do with.

One of my current goals is trying to get lucky enough to photograph two or more hummingbirds in one shot. These are my best efforts so far:







I’m also trying to focus on photographing tail feathers in as many positions and from as many angles as I can. There’s luck, patience, timing, and quick reflexes involved in any successful shot.





I hope you enjoy the hummingbirds! As always, I’m very interested in any of your feedback or comments.





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