Tower Theater Clock Tower, Broadway Theater District, Downtown Los Angeles, March 2014

The Tower Theater opened in 1927. The theater is very small and seats only 900 people in an interior modeled after the Paris Opera House.

The building was commissioned by H. L. Gumbiner, an independent film exhibitor from Chicago. Gumbiner also built the Los Angeles Theatre at 615 S. Broadway, which was advertised as “The Theatre Unusual” when it opened in 1931, just down the street from the Tower Theater at 802 S. Broadway.

Both theaters were designed by American architect S. Charles Lee, a prominent and prolific West Coast movie theater designer. The Los Angeles Theatre was the most expensive theater built to date calculated on a per seat basis. Albert Einstein was in attendance for the January 1931 opening night gala and screening of Charlie Chaplin’s “City Lights.”

I shot this sign from an alley behind the the Los Angeles Theatre. I can’t wait to go back and shoot the front of the theatre!


These two shots focus on the Tower Theater Clock Tower. According to, the top of the clock tower was removed after an earthquake. Both of these images are actually the same photograph: The first one includes the top of the “Tower” sign and some of the surrounding buildings. The bottom photo focuses in on the clock itself.




Thank you! Andrea

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