The Globe Theatre/Garland Building, Broadway Theater District, Los Angeles, March 2014

The Globe Theatre/Garland Building is located at 744 S. Broadway, in the Broadway Theater District of downtown Los Angeles. Built in 1913 by William Garland, the building and office tower were designed by the architectural firm of Morgan, Walls & Morgan, and the interior of the theatre was designed by Alfred F. Rosenheim.
The eleven-story Beaux Art-style building originally housed the Morosco Theatre, owned by theatrical producer Oliver Morosco. The theatre could accommodate full-scale theatrical productions at a time when most theatres were built for vaudeville acts. Performers at the Morosco Theatre included Eddie Cantor, Edward Everett Horton, and Leo Carillo.
The theatre’s name was changed to “The Globe” in the 1940s when it began showing newsreels. Spanish-language films were shown for many years until the theatre finally closed in the 1980s. The building was closed in 2011.
The new owner, Erik Chol, plans to reopen the newly renovated theatre in 2014 for theatrical events and films.
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