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Los Angeles Union Station, color enhanced photographs

Los Angeles Union Station, color enhanced photographs

Los Angeles Union Station opened in May 1939 and is known as the “Last of the Great Railway Stations” built in the United States.

The grand building is still used as a major Southern California transportation hub with long-distance, regional, and commuter trains and several Metro Rail subway and light rail lines.

A group of architects led by John Parkinson and Donald B. Parkinson combined several architectural styles: Dutch Colonial Revival, Mission Revival, and Streamline Moderne.


The Parkinsons designed many other landmark buildings in Los Angeles, including Los Angeles City Hall, Bullocks Wilshire, and Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.


Los Angeles Union Station is one of my favorite buildings to photograph. The color enhanced photographs below are just a sampling of the treasures to be found and enjoyed.


Main entrance



Union Station Information Desk, main entrance

“Track 4, Platform A” sign


Tracks below Union Station


Arch over a doorway in the main lobby


Arrivals sign, main lobby


Ceiling with chandeliers


Harvey House Restaurant at Union Station


Stairwell, colorized photograph


Passageway to Trains, Bus Plaza, and Union Station East


Traxx Restaurant, main lobby


Original ticketing area

Women’s restroom


Entrance to Metro Red Line


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Andrea Reider Design

Andrea Reider Design

I’m just about ready to go to press with my new Andrea Reider Design brochure. I’m expanding my services to offer copywriting and editing in additional to graphic design for print and web.

The final printed version will be trifold on glossy paper.

I’d appreciate any comments or suggestions!





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Venice Beach Photographs, Andrea Reider, Summer 2016

Venice Beach Photographs, Andrea Reider, Summer 2016

Some new photographs from the beach between Santa Monica and Venice Beach, California.

I enhanced some of the blues and yellows to make the day seem even more sunny and bright than it actually was. Always looking for that perfect combination of colors.

These images are available in many forms, from glossy metal, glass, or paper prints, to coffee mugs and place mats.

Contact me for details!

Andrea Reider



















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Customer T-Shirts and Other Items for Sale

Customer T-Shirts and Other Items for Sale

I’m in the process of stocking my new on-line store at teepublic.com. My photographs are now available on t-shirts (for $14) and many other types of clothing. You can also purchase prints and even phone cases at the link below:


Best wishes,


Los Angeles Photographs

Los Angeles Photographs

Hope you enjoy some of my new photographs from Los Angeles!



Angelino Heights with downtown Los Angeles highrises in the background.



A new take on my photo of the old May Company building on the corner of Fairfax and Wilshire. Also known as LACMA West, the building is now under renovation.



Entrance to the Metro Red Line at Union Station in downtown Los Angeles.


I made this print at LACMA, the art museum. It was a three-hour print-making class which passed rather slowly for me, but that’s just me. We were given photographs and asked to make cut-outs and paint over with spray paint. Was fun in retrospect, and I learned some new techniques. I just get nervous when there’s no computer around.

Copyright © 2016 Andrea Reider

Vietnamese Elephant with Symbol

Vietnamese Elephant with Symbol

This elephant drawing with what I take for a symbol, letter, or number, is from a book published in Hanoi in 1936 by Institut Bouddhique Vientane. Appears to be one of 30 books produced at the time.

I altered the colors from the original as part of my ongoing project and experiment in photocolorization.

If anyone knows more about this symbol, I would appreciate an e-mail or comment.

Many thanks, Andrea



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