Quark to InDesign Conversion: The Easy Way

Here’s a way to easily convert a book (or any document) that was typeset in Quark into InDesign. You’ll still have to recreate the basic template with trim size and margins in InDesign, but if you export the typeset/styled text from Quark as a .doc file, and then import that text file into InDesign, ALL of your style sheets with fonts/sizes/colors should be intact. The tracking seems to disappear from heads, etc., but that’s easy to fix.
Quark can only export one text block/flow at a time, so it helps to paste all of the text elements you’ll need, including tables and figure captions, into a single text flow before you export the .doc file.
And another colorized shot of the Union 76 Station in Beverly Hills:
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Thank you! Andrea

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