Printing Photographs to Metal

Printing Photographs to Metal

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These prints are all high-gloss and are sized 12″ x 8″. I’ve experimented with two photograph-to-metal printers so far. Both vendors produced very good or great prints, but the more expensive print definitely has richer and more vibrant coloring. One of the printers charged a total of $33 per print, including the metal backing. The other was $44 per print. I’m looking at another metal print who charges about $45 per print.

I’m also waiting to receive samples from another metal printer, Image Wizards. They’re much more expensive than the printers I’ve been been working with, so I’m expecting the samples to be something special. These prints aren’t available in the size or dimensions that I’ve been working with, so I’ll have to crop or design a special image for this Image Wizards.

Thank you! Andrea

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