My Take on Waka Killa Graffiti Lady Art on Melrose Boulevard

This graffiti lady is almost gone from the wall where I shot the photograph last year. I was feeling like I “stole” the art, so I wrote to the artist, Waka Killa, and he gave me permission to use the image. Now I feel like a preservationist.

I’m still experimenting with combining photographs with my hand-made prints. In addition to the colorizing, I’ve also been playing with altering things in isolated spots throughout the photos, such as lightening shapes—so far only squares that you might be able to see in the background. Up until now I’ve almost always made “global” alterations that affect the entire image.

The images look a little bright onscreen, but are really pretty on paper and totally cool on the silver coated glossy paper.




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Thank you! Andrea

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