Meet the Hummingbirds of Los Angeles

Meet the Hummingbirds of Los Angeles

I’m very excited about the new prints from my “Hummingbirds of Los Angeles” series, many of which are currently available for purchase at my store.

I’m not using stop-motion photography or any other tricks or devices to capture these shots of my amazing and fabulous hummingbird neighbors.

Many of the hummingbirds are looking right at me in the photographs. I think this is the most unique and interesting aspect of the series. Some of the hummingbirds are very skittish and want nothing to do with me, but others are bolder and more curious and will “pose” for a minute or longer and let me get quite close.

These photos mostly resulted from a lot of patience and learning to “think like a hummingbird.” What do they like to do? Where do they like to go? And to avoid the disappointment of spotting a hummingbird but missing the shot, learning ways to approach them without startling.

I’ll be posting many new glossy metal and museum-quality archival paper prints to my store, identifying the images that are color enhanced. All of my prints are signed and dated.

I hope you enjoy the prints and images as much as I do!!








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