Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, Loretta Ayeroff Photography Workshop, August 2014

Photographer Bruce Critchley took this one of me standing in front of a painted wall on the walking and shooting part of instructor Loretta Ayeroff’s People’s Pop-Up workshop: “It’s Not About the Camera” (


I was determined to get a good shot of one of airplanes that kept flying overhead.



This tree was directly across the street from where our group was sitting during Loretta’s talk before we began walking. The diagonal stripes behind the tree kept drawing my attention.


This is a Ceiba Tree, native to Central America, and known as the “Tree of Life” for the Mayan culture. The spikes keep animals from climbing up the trunk and fall off as the tree ages. (Many thanks to M.J. Harden for the identification and information!)



This husky was lounging halfway out the window when he caught my eye. You can see more photos at #hewitthusky–the address is painted on the wall to the right of his tail.



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Thank you! Andrea

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