Converting Microsoft Word Equations to EPS Files

Converting Microsoft Word Equations to EPS Files

Here’s a relatively simple and effective method to convert mathematical equations and other hard-to-duplicate formatting from Microsoft Word to EPS files or other formats that can be placed in InDesign or Quark:

1. Go to the Print dialog box and select “Save to Postscript” from the PDF menu at the bottom left of the screen. (The files won’t convert properly if you save directly to PDF at this stage.)

2. You can convert the postcript files to PDF using Adobe Acrobat’s Distiller program, and then open and edit the files in Adobe Illustrator or another graphics program. You can skip the Distiller step and simply open the postscript file in Adobe Illustrator, where it will be completely editable.

Don’t forget to convert the EPS files to grayscale, or they will be saved as RGB.

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