Bullocks Wilshire, Los Angeles, March 2014

Bullocks Wilshire, Los Angeles, March 2014

I shot these photographs from the street outside of the former Bullocks Wilshire, at 3050 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. I wasn’t able to go inside the building as access is limited to students and faculty of the Southwestern Law School. The school purchased the building in 1994, the year after Bullocks Wilshire closed following many years of decline and neglect. The building was restored it to its original state and adapted for use by the school.

The luxury department store was completed in 1929. Its customers included Mae West, Alfred Hitchcock, Greta Garbo, Walt Disney, and Clark Gable.

The photographs below are mostly details from the building, one with some window washers in the background.

bullockswilshiredetail2_3x200 bullockswindwashers4_3x200 bullocksbuildingdetail6_3x200-1 bullockstrees8_3x200-1

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