Book Design & Production Newsletter

Book Design & Production Newsletter

Issues no. 1 and no. 2 of my Book Design & Production newsletter are available for free download below. I’ve included some of my best tips and tricks for making EPUB from InDesign CS6 files. Hope you find some helpful information about designing and producing print and e-books. Issue no. 2, the first of three articles on The Basics of Book Design is also available below.

Volume 1 Contents:

1. Converting Books to EPUB from InDesign CS6

2. Typesetting Accent Marks for Print and E-books

3. Book Design Strategy and Issues


Volume 2 Contents:

1. The Basics of Book Design:

  • Main Text Pages [Part 1]


newsletter_vol2 newsletter_vol2_Final

Volume 3 Contents: (available soon)

1. The Basics of Book Design:

  • Frontmatter Pages [Part 2]

Volume 4 Contents: (available this summer)

1. The Basics of Book Design:

  • Backmatter Pages [Part 3]

Thank you! Andrea

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