Book Design

Book Design

When I first started typesetting books, it was a complete mystery to me how book designers came up with the ideas for their designs and layouts. I was very happy typesetting books using other people’s designs for many years before I knew I had the skills to start designing books myself.

Today I design about half of the books that I typeset. I still learn and draw inspiration from working with other book designers. I also like to think that some of my designs have inspired other people in their book design work.

When I design a book, I usually submit 3 or 4 design samples showing how the book would look in a variety of styles. I expect clients to request some modifications to my initial book design samples. Some of the best book designs are the result of a productive collaboration between the designer, editor, and author.

My goal and purpose is to meet and exceed my customers’ expectations, and to enhance every book in ways that they weren’t expecting.

Thank you! Andrea

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