Andrea Reider Photography

Andrea Reider Photography

I am a freelance designer and typesetter of book interiors with 30 years of experience producing publications for major and independent book publishers. My approach to photography often results in images that are somewhere between a photograph and an illustration.

My photocolorized images are composed of up to 5 or 6 photographs of multi-colored light that I layer onto my original photographs. I use many different Photoshop blending and editing tools to create the colors and effects.

The idea to try shooting photographs of multi-colored light came to me after viewing an exhibition by James Welling at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. I particularly enjoyed Welling’s Glass House series, where he used multi-colored filters to create beautiful and fascinating effects.

I began photographing images of light shining through small acrylic sculptures created by the artist Vasa Mihich, well known for his multi-colored Vasa cubes and other geometric shapes. Then I started layering these images of colored light onto my “regular” photographs, shot in and around Los Angeles.

At first the process was fairly random and it took time for me to gain some control over the colors and layered effects. There’s still a certain random quality to the coloring and I need to experiment a lot to see how the colors and blended layers will interact . I keep working and playing with the images until I see something that I love.

Thank you! Andrea

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