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Self Publishing with CreateSpace and Amazon

Self Publishing with CreateSpace and Amazon

Print on Demand with Amazon’s self-publishing powerhouse, CreateSpace, is one of the easiest and best ways to self publish books today. There are virtually no upfront costs to the author or publisher for having books printed and ready for sale on Amazon. Authors can also purchase their printed books from CreateSpace for sale outside of Amazon for about $4.00-$7.00 per copy, depending on book size and length.

Another great feature of CreateSpace is that you can easily produce your e-books through the site. CreateSpace doesn’t charge a fee for their automatic conversion process of your print book to the Kindle format from the PDF file. The conversion to process Kindle works best if you can upload a Word file of the interior text set to specifications that are posted on the CreateSpace website.

To summarize the self publishing process:

  1. Books must be typeset to CreateSpace specifications and submitted as a PDF file through their website, with a separate PDF file of the book cover (front/spine/back) laid out to specifications. My main work for the past twenty years has been designing and typesetting books for print. I work in Adobe InDesign to lay out the pages of a book for print and then use the InDesign files to create the EPUB e-book edition.
  2. There are several ways to create an e-book to sell on Amazon and other sites. CreateSpace can create the Kindle edition directly from the PDF of the print edition. However, I’ve had some issues with this conversion method and find that it’s best to upload a specially formatted version of the book as a Word file.

My specialty is producing e-books in the EPUB format, where you have more control over color, placement of graphics, and many other factors. I couldn’t figure out a way to submit an EPUB file to CreateSpace, but authors and publishers can use Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to post EPUB e-books for sale on Amazon.

The EPUB e-book can be customized in many ways, such as adding color photographs and other color embellishments to books that are printed in black and white.

I generally charge self-publishing authors between $2.00-$3.00 per typeset page to design and typeset their print books, and $150.00-$250.00 to produce e-books. Professional design and typesetting adds value to the book, helping with sales, marketing, credibility, and readability.

There are a lot of decisions to make when self publishing your book. Please feel free to contact me with your questions. I’m happy to share my expertise on the subject and always available to produce your print books and e-books.

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